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Facebook ads for dentists: two must use tools!

This blog post is all about Facebook ads. Before diving in, I want to make sure that you’ve taken a look at our platform: Dentists get social. You could go to and see if this could be a good solution for your social media. It’s really what I like to call a turn-key social media solution for dental practices. So, first thing is first today I’m going to be sharing with you two tools you need if you are going to start using Facebook ads.

Why should you be using Facebook ads for your dental practice?

      1. It’s Affordable!

It is quite inexpensive to use Facebook ads to attract prospective patients and current patients as well. You probably have a website that has a “book an appointment button” or a “call the clinic” button. And what you can do through Facebook ads, is that you want to make sure that you’re increasing the traffic of people that are visiting your website so that you could convert someone to become a patient or to book an appointment. In this sense, Facebook ads helps to increase the number of people that are coming back to your website, calling the clinic and making an appointment.

      2. You can track your results.

Back in the day when you would place an ad in the newspaper, it was impossible to know exactly how good your ad was doing. Thankfully, now you can! With Facebook Ads you can track who’s clicked on a button, who’s gone back to your website, who has booked an appointment, etc.

      3. Targeting!

The other reason why you want to make sure that you’re using Facebook ads is because you could target the right audience for you, and separate what we like to call a warm audience and a cold audience. A warm audience is comprised of people who have liked your content, they’ve shared your content, or they might have gone to your website. With warm audiences, there is a higher probability to convert and become a patient as opposed to a cold audience.


Best tools to use with Facebook Ads!

  • Canva

The first platform I recommend you use is Canva. Canva is a platform where you can create all sorts of beautiful visuals, and I would say it’s the best-kept secret from graphic designers and agencies out there. It has hundreds of layouts and templates that you could use to create your Facebook ads, or any social media post, or you could upload a photo of the clinic and add your logo on there and customize it. The best part is: You can do it all by yourself!

  • Audience insights

The second tool that I want to talk about today is called audience insights. Audience insights is a tool that is provided by Facebook. You can find it on Business Manager or Ads Manager. Audience insights is a tool where you can really get a lot of information on your target audience so that you’re targeting is done in a much more efficient way.


So remember, you want to make sure that you’re using Facebook ads to increase traffic back to your website and to start converting more people to become your patients, or to at least book an appointment.

Watch our video to learn more and follow us on Facebook to watch our Facebook Lives!


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